New all-instrumental, multi-genre album! "Renewal" by Timmy G 


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9 tracks await. 

In numerology, the number 9 represents completion, but not finality, as a new cycle begins. Prior to whittling down the 9 tracks that would eventually make it onto this album, I had not known this fact. Similar little bits of happy coincidence and synchronicity pepper the creation of this album, which I can confidently say is the purest expression of my musical energies. Though without lyrics and completely…

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Great Players - A Resource for Students 

In my experience as guitar teacher over the last few years, I've noticed a disturbing trend among our blossoming and impressionable youth - there is a distinct lack of guitar gods in contemporary music!  I learned to love the guitar by trying to emulate my idols - Jimmy Page, Paco De Lucia, Brian Setzer, Marc Ribot etc!  The fact that kids today don't have this kind of inspiration available to them in modern mainstream music is troubling to me.  So, in an attempt to raise awareness among the younger…

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Timmy G and the Melted Faces: Songs of Destruction EP 

After years of tinkering around with these songs and album/EP concept, I'm finally gonna release it. Some of these you have heard before... in fact, probably most of them. Here they are, all mixed and mastered. Please have a listen, let me know what you think, and hope you enjoy!

Timmy G: Vocals, Guitars, Mandolin, Basses, Drum Programming

Peter Whittle: Fiddle on "As This World Burns Down", "I Want You To Know"

Emma MacPherson: Vocals on "The Way It Has To Be"

Ivan Ganchev: Backup Vocals on…

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Today I got a positive review on Yelp (my 2nd one!) regarding my work as a vocal coach.  Check it out!!!

I must say that the the journey I began almost two years ago, that of a full-time music teacher, has been one of the most rewarding and gratifying experiences in my life.  It has taught me patience.  It has made me an infinitely better musician.  AND, it has taught me that I (gasp!) actually enjoy chlldren! I'm very grateful for the things I have now, and feel a much more "complete" person now that…

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Kooliedescope Compilation 

I had the privilege of taking part on a very cool compilation album comprised of may amazing local artist and compiled by Mr. J. Young, local musician and generally all-around cool dude.  The album, dubbed "Kooliedescope", features some of my very good friends and collaborators, and is great on its own merits - some real talent and song craft on display here (not just because I say so!).  You can download a copy for free here:

Let me know what you think of it!

New Blog 

I've decided to use the blog function of this website as a platform through which to post my various thoughts/observations/etc on the world.  Feel free to discuss whatever I might blog about in the comments section... I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Children and Culture 

In my short time on this planet, I have had the good fortune to be able to travel rather extensively.   In so doing, I have seen and discovered a great many interesting things, and there are a few insights that I have gleaned which I thought might be interesting to others.  As such, I would like to share some anecdotes that relate to culture; more specifically, I have found that that many aspects of a country’s culture can be experienced in the presence of that culture’s children.  The clearest examples…

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