I'm excited to announce that I am now offering music lessons via Skype!  

I offer online music lessons in guitar, voice, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, and bass guitar!  Skype is easy and fun to use as a teaching tool, and offers the convenience and flexibility of taking lessons at home, at whatever time works best!  

What you can expect from our lessons:

GUITAR:  I teach rock, jazz, blues, and some classical and flamenco style. Lead and rhythm.

  • Songs that emphasize a new concept of technique
  • Chord shapes
  • Scales, from simple pentatonic scales to exotic modes
  • Fingerpicking
  • Picking/strumming techniques for rock, metal, jazz, blues, folk, flamenco (all quite different!)

BASS: Rock/jazz/blues/funk

  • Fingerstyle or pick
  • Pop/slap techniques
  • Constructing walking bass lines
  • Modes/scales/arpeggios/theory!!

ALL INSTRUMENTS: Basic to advanced theory - harmony, scales, modes, chord progressions, etc!


  • Advanced vocal technique
  • expanding your range
  • refining your approach to the voice
  • proper support, placement, etc
  • vocal coaching (for audition pieces, upcoming performances, etc)


I sell single 30m lessons for $35 in blocks of 4 for $140, (which can roll over to the next month if needed). 

Hour lessons for $60 in blocks of 4 for $240 (which can roll over to the next month if needed). 

Contact me at timmygmusic@live.com and let's get started!



Email me at timmygmusic@live.com for more info!

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