Creativity and expression is the essence of music as an art form, and I have long been a composer.  It is the foundation upon which everything I do is built. 

Over the years, I have been a very eclectic composer, dabbling in styles from rock to jazz to reggae to metal.  However, in recent years, I have been focusing on further developing my "flamenco fusion" sound (for lack of a better term).  Delving into my past as a songwriter, and finding myself inspired by new forms of music and new ideas, the playlist of videos below is a good representation of where I am at currently in my musical journey (remember to click the  top right of the video to see the full playlist!):



I would describe my music as latin-tinged improvisation - my instrumental tunes have a main melody or a "head", like a jazz tune, followed by improvised sections.  I have a deep repertoire of vocally based tunes that fit well in my set, as well.  I borrow elements from Celtic and North Indian music as well.  Currently, I prefer a stripped down sound with this project, employing either a bass player and cajon, or performing as a duo (guitar/cajon).  I love the intimacy that this sound creates!  





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