Great Players - A Resource for Students

In my experience as guitar teacher over the last few years, I've noticed a disturbing trend among our blossoming and impressionable youth - there is a distinct lack of guitar gods in contemporary music!  I learned to love the guitar by trying to emulate my idols - Jimmy Page, Paco De Lucia, Brian Setzer, Marc Ribot etc!  The fact that kids today don't have this kind of inspiration available to them in modern mainstream music is troubling to me.  So, in an attempt to raise awareness among the younger generation, and hopefully by doing so, provide some inspiration, I've created this YouTube playlist with some of my favorite guitar moments (Marty McFly counts!). Some are well known players, some less so, but all have been a source of inspiration to me, and their playing could serve as a launching pad towards your own inspiration!  So, please peruse the list, check out some of the players and see if any of their styles of playing are appealing to you.  I'll probably update this list as time goes on, so check back once in a while!  Enjoy!

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