Today I got a positive review on Yelp (my 2nd one!) regarding my work as a vocal coach.  Check it out!!!

I must say that the the journey I began almost two years ago, that of a full-time music teacher, has been one of the most rewarding and gratifying experiences in my life.  It has taught me patience.  It has made me an infinitely better musician.  AND, it has taught me that I (gasp!) actually enjoy chlldren! I'm very grateful for the things I have now, and feel a much more "complete" person now that music comprises 100% of my work activities, both as a teacher and a performer.  I'm truly blessed.  

Funny thing too.. I had taught guitar in the past, but never considered myself any kind of voice teacher.  When Anna at Music Time suggested that I give it a try, I was initially quite hesitant. I've been formally trained to sing, sang in the DVC Jazz Choir for a year, and have sung lead vocals in numerous projects over the years, but never entertained the thought that I could teach someone else how *I* do it... singing is ultimately the most intimate and personal instrument that there is! 

However, my own growth as a vocal coach has been tremendously rewarding.  It has forced me to examine the way I do things, which has in turn forced me to become a better singer AND teacher. But more importantly, I am helping others improve their own singing.  I'm giving a piece of myself to them, and watching them benefit from it.  This not only calls for instruction in basic music theory, but posture, breathing techniques, soft palate techniques, as well as pep talks about confidence and "letting go".  As a vocal coach, I am part music teacher, part personal trainer, and part therapist!  It's quite an interesting, unique vocation.

So, I am forever grateful to Anna for having given me the opportunity to develop this part of myself, and now that I'm seeing numerous successes related to my work, it appears she was right to have done so!  I would have never thought! 

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