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The Dueling Guitars is a project that offers both great musicianship and fun irreverence all in one!  Two guitarists/vocalists, both with impressive repertoires and ability on their instruments, combine forces to keep the party going.  The Dueling Guitars play popular cover songs, instrumental jams, and take requests from the audience.  Come down, have a drink, request a song, and enjoy your evening with us!  

In one iteration, Timmy G is joined by friend and bandmate Jeff Collins (both play in the popular SF Bay Area cover band The UnOriginals, Tim as guitarist/vocalist and Jeff as the drummer!).  They both have an extensive, jukebox-like repertoire, serious guitar chops, killer vocal harmonies, and can keep the party rockin'! 


We're also available for private parties/birthdays/weddings/cocktail hours/etc... contact timmygmusic@live.com for more info!